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ISP courses are undergraduate courses offered by HKUST’s Schools.


School of Science

School of Engineering

School of Business and Management

School of Humanities and Social Science

Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies

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Course offering varies from year to year. You may take reference from the following:


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ISP courses will commence and end on different dates within the program period. Majority of ISP courses will follow the below patterns, which offer you high flexibility in arranging your summer plan.


17 June - 13 July 2024

15 July - 10 August 2024

17 June - 3 August 2024

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The Summer Term of HKUST is eight weeks long. Most summer undergraduate courses at HKUST are of 3 credits, unless otherwise specified. The minimum and maximum credit load for ISP are 3 credits and 9 credits respectively. Students should take no more than 3 courses in total. You should check with your home institution on the credit transfer policies.

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The typical course assessment is based on a combination of items, which may include class participation, projects, labs, mid-terms and final exams. A final examination takes place at the end of course. The examination format and schedule will be announced by the course instructor.

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HKUST will provide an official transcript detailing the courses taken and the grades obtained. Transcripts will be sent to you and your home institution. Transfer of credits and grades will be in accordance to the home institution's policies.

HKUST uses a 4.3 grading scale. Please visit here for details.

Credit transfers are approved by students’ home institutions. You should check with your home institution on its policy regarding the transfer of grades and credits.