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Please bring the Emergency Card with you at all time while in Hong Kong and when traveling. The Card is available from Office of Global Learning. In case of an emergency, call the 24-hour emergency hotline:


On Campus

Security Control Center:


Dial 8999 when using HKUST campus phone

Dial 2358 8999 if you are using your mobile phone

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Off Campus

Police / Fire / Ambulance: 999

When calling for help, always provide the following information:


Location of the accident/incident

The nature or severity of the accident (e.g. number of injured persons, seriousness of injuries, extent of property damage, gas leakages, etc.)

Your name and current location

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HKUST partners with International SOS, the leading travel health and safety assistance provider. Whether you are in Hong Kong or travelling abroad, International SOS provides HKUST students with a 24/7 resource on call, online ane even on the ground to help with medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise.

So if you need pre-travel advise, a medical referral, lose your medication, or experience a medical or security crisis, please call International SOS for assiatance. We also advise that you download the ISOS Assistance App. The app will give you instant and real-time access to country-specific medical and security alerts wherever you are.

Hong Kong Assistance Center: +852 2528 9900

ISOS website:

HKUST membership number: 07AYCA093635



Office of Global Learning

Room 2001 (Lift 4)
Tel: 2358 8178


School of Science

Office of Academic Advising and Support
Room 1401 (Lift 25-26)
Tel: 2358 6086


School of Engineering

Undergraduate Affairs Administration
Room 6542 (Lift 27-28)
Tel: 2358 8988


School of Business and Management

UG Academic Affairs and Advising
Room 1037, LSK Business School Building
Tel: 2358 6018


School of Humanities and Social Science

Room 3399 (Lift 17-18)
Tel: 2358 8438


Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Room 4376 (Lift 17-18)
Tel: 2358 6964


Academic Registry

Room 1381 (Opposite to Computer Barn B)
Tel: 2623 1111


Student Housing and Residential Life Office

Ground Floor, UG Hall II
Tel: 2358 6664


Information Technology and Services Center

Student Consultation: Computer Barn B (Room 1101, Chia-Wei Woo Academic Concourse)


Dean of Students' Office

General Office
Room 5022 (Lift 3)

Student Service Counter
Room G018A (Ground Floor, Indoor Sports Complex)

Student Support & Activities Team
LG 3005 (Lift 6, Indoor Sports Complex)
Tel: 2358 6662

Student Counselling & Wellness
Room 5003 (Lift 3)
Tel: 2358 6696


HKUST Library

Ground Floor (access from atrium)
Tel: 2358 6772